The word of the day is Metacognition and it’s pretty much sprinkled on every area of our lives.

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METACOGNITION: “The process of metacognition implies that an individual is aware of their own cognitive processes.

This is the proposed ability to become conscious of one’s own cognitive processes and later have the ability to attempt to control them. Being aware the root of most behavior, which is either wanted or unwanted begins with our thoughts. Therefore, the process is what the opportunity for change becomes as one begins to explore their experiences linked to their thoughts.

The process may seem challenging in the beginning, however once a pattern has been created you begin to focus on identifying specific thoughts and recognize which ones are no longer serving you best.

You are not alone in this!  Most average persons have up to 50,000 thoughts each day, but are only aware of 10%. The first step is to practice strategies that will include meta-cognitive, which simply means, “thinking about thinking”.

Let be honest – negative feelings and thoughts hold us back and positive thoughts move us forward towards the direction we want to go.  First, we need to focus on just becoming aware of all of your thoughts through recording, texting, or any method of chronicling the unwanted behaviour and emotions.

How can Spear It Group help?

There are fabulous CBT worksheets that assist in this process with the support of a professional (see services and resource page).  It is through the reformation process of becoming aware combined with professionally guided CBT strategies, that one becomes the expert of their own internal conversations and begin making shifts to towards new paths of cognitive restructuring.  This translates to better choices as they are now based on goals that are meaningful to you.  You truly have all the answers within ready to become revealed with the support of a professional, you can set the pace.

What might a  snapshot look like? 

The restructuring phase has a 3-step plan approach.  First, the planning stage, second, the monitoring phase and third and final stage is the evaluation phase.  These are all meta-cognitive stages, which applied, can bring positive thoughts and successful outcomes.  It through the cycle that you make life changes that bring happier times as you embrace your emotional intelligence grow.